Business Week 2019

Business week was a huge success this year.  The children ran their business’ on Friday afternoon and the event was very well attended by both Class One and our parents.

As you can see from the photographs everyone had a great time.  One the following Monday each group then counted up their earnings and completed a spreadsheet to calculate their Net profit.  All monies raised was then collated with a grand total of over £80.  An amazing amount for such a small school (nine stalls).

The children have decided to spend some of the money raised on an end of year treat for all children across the school next Wednesday.  This will probably be an ice-cream/ice-lolly (fingers crossed for sunshine.)  They have also suggested a legacy gift to the class with the remaining funds, which is yet to be decided.

Well done to all the children and thank you to all the parents for their support in advance of and also on the day.

Mrs Scandrett